Jason Schreier Believes The Last Of Us 2 Delay Puts Game In Early February

Jason Schreier of Kotaku has just posted on Twitter that he thinks that a The Last Of Us 2 delay has struck the game, causing it to be put forward sometime early next year, possibly February. If it’s true, it’s a blow to Last of Us fans, but we’ll have to see if it’s true.

The Last Of Us 2 has been a dream for many fans of The Last Of Us not only since it was first announced back in 2016, but with every trailer that we’ve gotten for the game since then. We still haven’t even gotten a release date for it, though.

While that softens the blow of the Last of Us 2 delay somewhat, the fact that fans will have to wait even longer might cause some backlash against Naughty Dog. To make things worse, Naughty Dog had put out a variety of job openings intended to help the studio wrap up production.

Even if that’s what is causing the game to be pushed back to 2020, We still won’t be exposed to anything new about the game this year at E3 due to Sony not attending. Last year we got a fairly long segment of gameplay to show off everything a grown-up Ellie can do, including new gameplay mechanics and a look at the enemy faction.

There’s the possibility, of course, that Naughty Dog will still release a trailer sometime around E3 on their own initiative, or at whatever event Playstation decides to hold in place of its E3 conference. There won’t be a Playstation Experience this year, either.

Hopefully Schreier is wrong about the Last Of Us 2 delay, but that all depends on any information that we find out about the game to begin with. Either way, hopefully we’ll see The Last Of Us 2 releasing soon exclusively on the Playstation 4.