Japanese Game Studios Are Already Working on PlayStation 5 Games

PS5 rumors are dropping in fast and according to the latest news, some big Japanese Studios have already started working on next-gen PlayStation 5 games. This report comes from Gematsu. They have shared that multiple developers in Japan are now hiring for next-gen titles.

A “major game company” which is based in Koto (Tokyo) is now hiring “localizer/translator/planner” to work on the development of a game for “next-generation hardware”. This next gen-hardware can be none other than the PS5 or Xbox Scarlet.

Another developer who has a “strong console game development” experience is also hiring a new work planner for a “next-generation hardware”. The job listing also mentions that his job is related to boss battles and ordering of each boss.

Now, this all pretty much confirms that the developers in Japan are working on the next Sony console. There are many big developers in Japan that Sony could be lining up to bring some exclusive games on PlayStation 5 hardware.

According to the rumors, PlayStation 5 has a release date of 2019. This PlayStation 5 release date rumor comes from a famous leaker. This is the same leaker who revealed that Sony is not going to attend E3 next year.

We also have a long list of developers that are working on games for upcoming PlayStation 5 hardware. These developers include Square Enix, Activision, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Bandai Namco Entertainment (Supermassive Games), Bethesda Softworks, Defiant Studios, Warner Bros Studios (Rocksteady Studios), Amazon Game Studios (Double Helix), Luminous Studios and High Impact Games.

Rumors also tell us that the PS5 Hardware will be capable of running at solid 4K out of the box along with 60 FPS. Though the good news is that this all will come at a very reasonable price. A credible source tells us that PS5 is going to cost us $499.

PS5 specs will be powerful enough to play big games at higher resolutions. Imagine playing the next God of War on the next PlayStation 5. It’s definitely going to be another breathtaking experience.

Though it was expected that Sony Japan will be announcing PS5 at E3 2019. But as we all know that it’s not anymore. This now makes us more believe that Sony’s next move will be a next-gen reveal. It’s now expected that PS5 will be in talks at PlayStation Experience 2019 but there will no specs or hardware reveal at the event.

So we are expecting the official release date of PlayStation 5 to be in 2020. Rumors also tell that Sony has chosen to go with 8-Core Ryzen CPU specs in PS5. PS5 reveal next year also means that Microsoft will be preparing to reveal Xbox Scarlet soon.

Other than PS5 hardware, PS VR 2 is also in works. PS VR was a success and it sold very well. I like it very much and it’s an incredible experience. This is why I’m more excited for PS VR 2 and also for future games that it’s going to bring. Rumors tell that PSVR 2 will have its processing box built inside the PlayStation 5.

Also, most of the PS4 games will be coming to PS5. PS5 backward compatibility is one of the most requested features which Sony can finally provide with PS5.

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