Japan is Getting Two Limited Edition The Evil Within PS4 Bundles

Two types of The Evil Within (or Psycho Break if you are in Japan) limited edition PS4 systems have been announced by Sony Computer Entertainment in partnership with Zenimax Asia. Unfortunately, for fans in other regions, both of these systems are exclusive to Japan at the moment.

Both limited edition systems one of which is jet black and the other one is a beautiful glacier white PS4 console, will come with engraved “Psycho Break” covers. Also, of course a copy of The Evil Within will be included, alongside “Gore Mode” DLC, a steel book case and the game’s original soundtrack CD.

How much will these bundles cost is to be determined yet but pre-orders will be made available in early October. Hopefully, we will hear an announcement regarding a western release of these bundles as well soon.

The Evil Within was originally planned to be released in August 2014 but was delayed and will now be released later this month for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

Creator of Resident Evil Franchise Shinji Mikami is planning to bring survival horror back to its roots with The Evil Within and the new trailer released for the game has some useful survival tips for you, so check out the video and more details.

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