Janemba In Dragon Ball FighterZ Coming On August 8, Gogeta Also Hinted

EVO 2019 wrapped up this past weekend, and along with the intense competition we also got a number of fighting game announcements. Among these included that we’ll be getting the movie character Janemba in Dragon Ball FighterZ, along with a hint at Gogeta coming as the next fighter in the future.

Janemba and Gogeta are a rather interesting addition to the game, considering that both have been of rather dubious canonicity in the Dragon Ball universe for many years. Janemba, for instance, much like Broly, is a movie-only character, who appeared in the Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn movie.

Much like Broly (the original Broly, not the Dragon Ball Super version), Janemba has often been mocked by most Dragon Ball fans for having one of the weaker movies, but this does put forward a slight possibility for a future appearance from him.

Prior to the Broly movie for Dragon Ball Super coming out, Dragon Ball FighterZ got a fighter pack that not only brought in Goku’s father Bardock, but also the original version of Broly. Broly would later have his previously controversial image (where he was mocked for being stupidly powerful and having a terrible reason for hating Goku) revamped into a much better character.

If we’ll be going the same way due to seeing Janemba in Dragon Ball FighterZ, a Janemba movie might be in the works, though nothing has been said by Toei Animation or Akira Toriyama, so Janemba being included in the game might just be for fun.

Along with Janemba, the end of his teaser (which you can find here) also hinted that we’d be getting Gogeta next, a logical step considering Gogeta’s very strong first showing (in current canon at least) in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie.

Either way, you’ll be able to add Janemba in Dragon Ball FighterZ on Thursday, August 8.