It’s Not Over Yet: Hideo Kojima Visits God of War Developer

We thought Hideo Kojima’s technology trip has ended but it seems he still needs to check out a few things. He recently visited God of War developer Sony Santa Monica to see what they are working on and how.

Sony Santa Monica is working on God of War 4, at least that’s what the rumors and reports want us believe. Sony was expected to announce it at E3 but didn’t, maybe this year? Well, if Sony Santa Monica is working on God of War 4, then surely Hideo Kojima was given a sneak peek.

Kojima is not only visiting studios but is keeping in touch with some of his friends from ShowBiz. Creator of Metal Gear Solid recently visiting The Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus.

They both met to discuss Kojima’s development studio, Kojima Productions. As you may know, Reedus was the star of Silent Hills. The title was cancelled by Konami but surely, Kojima would like to work with Reedus and Del Toro again.

For now, all that is left of Silent Hills is a demo called P.T. Although it is no longer available on PSN but those who downloaded it still have a copy of it.

On the other hand, Kojima-San is working on a PS4 exclusive for Sony. It may take some time before we get to see what he is working on, so be patent

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