It Takes Two Wasp Queen Boss Guide

It Takes Two requires you to coordinate and cooperate as May and Cody in order to succeed, especially in the boss fights! In this detailed guide of the Wasp Queen Boss fight in It Takes Two, we’ll help you take down that nasty bug, so let’s get started.

It Takes Two Wasp Queen Boss

The fight starts after you make your way through after fighting the giant beetle. You will get a ride on a beetle and at the end, you will be thrown into another arena where the wasp queen will be waiting for you and you will see her with her giant swarm of wasps.

How to Defeat Wasp Queen

Phase 1
As the fight starts, a huge swarm of wasps will attack you by rearranging themselves as a huge hammer. You can simply dodge it and then destroy it, as you might be aware of this attack from previous fights.

Now what you need to do is to get Cody on the rails to ride to the backside of the wasp queen and then sap her from the red x signs on her back. The first major blow to the wasp queen comes when you get may to go to the back of the wasp queen and shoot the sap to explode it.

After the first big blow, the wasp queen will throw fire on the whole arena from her sting, and if you are on the arena stage, you won’t be able to dodge or jump over it and will get high damage. You will quickly have to hop on the railing that you used in the previous attack.

The next attack that you will face is two swarms of wasps, one will be the same as a hammer, and the other one will be a rod that swings on the arena floor that you need to jump to dodge. This time you will see red X signs on the front side of the wasp queen that Cody needs to sap and May needs to shoot.

Phase 2
Now half of the wasp queen’s health is gone, and she will become even more furious. You will face a wasp bomb strike, where huge mortar balls of wasps will hit the arena floor and then hexagons of wasps will spread outward from the point of impact.

You will have to jump over them to dodge them. After several bombs, those wasps will take the shape of scissors and you will have to run away from them to dodge.

When this flurry of attacks is over, get to the work again and start sapping the Xs and shooting the wasp queen on the front and on the back.

After you have attacked the queen again and she has only 1/4th of her health left, the battle arena floor will fall down, and you will have to complete the remaining battle just on the rails.

Phase 3
Now your main target should be the chain that is holding the wasp queen but also be very careful of the swarms of wasps. Hit the chain as frequently as you can and when the chain breaks, the queen will fall down, which will mark the end of this boss fight.

After the fight is over, you will go through many cutscenes as well and finally complete The Tree chapter of It Takes Two.