It Takes Two Toolbox Boss Guide

Our It Takes Two Toolbox Boss Guide takes a dig into the strategy that you should adopt in order to come out on top against the Toolbox Boss in ITT.

Our It Takes Two Toolbox Boss Guide takes a dig into the strategy that you should adopt in order to come out on top against the Toolbox Boss in the game.

It Takes Two Toolbox Boss

It Takes Two is a brand-new, action-adventure game in which you co-operate with other players, potentially your friends, and battle your way through various stages.

Toolbox is one of the more challenging bosses of the game against whom your team will go as Cody and May. In our guide below, we’ve streamlined each step of your way against this annoying boss.

The whole battle is divided into several phases. So, let’s go ahead and have a look at each one of these phases.

Phase # 1
As soon as the fight begins, the Toolbox will rain nails on the platform on which you and your friend are. Be cautious and dodge those nails.

Once you do that, the Toolbox will swing one of his arms from right to left. Jump over his arm and when it reaches the left side, use Cody to shoot a nail into it.

You’ll notice that when this nail connects, the arm will lock into place. Now, have Cody shoot the nail into the remaining two yellow pieces along his arm.

After that, have May use these nails to get to the platform next to Toolbox’s face and attack his locks using her hammer.

When she succeeds in destroying one of Toolbox’s locks, he will catapult her back onto the platform.

Phase # 2
This phase will again start with the Toolbox littering nails over the platform you’re on. However, this time around, he will also pull out a hole saw and drill large holes on the platform.

It’ll be much difficult for you now to dodge all these nails, as well as the hole saw, so stay alert! After drilling a couple of holes, the drill saw will let out two horizontal saw blades and spin. Jump over these.

After this, the Toolbox will again swing his arm towards you. Follow the same steps as in phase 1 to have May approach the Toolbox and destroy another one of his locks.

Once the lock is destroyed, a cutscene will be prompted.

Phase # 3
After the cutscene, you’ll notice that May’s hammer is destroyed a bit. Anyway, have Cody shoot the red and white can that is displayed in the cutscene.

For that, wait for the Toolbox to slam down his arm on the platform. Once he does, dodge it and then make Cody stand on the hand section while May hits the yellow circle to launch him into the air.

When Cody is airborne, he will be at the vantage point to shoot the red and white can. So, shoot the can immediately. You will most probably repeat this process twice or thrice until the can explodes.

During this time, the Toolbox will introduce two new moves.

In one of these moves, Toolbox uses a circular saw to cut off parts of the platform you’re on, restricting the free space to run around.

As for the other move, it involves Toolbox spinning his arm swiftly in your direction. If it connects, it can deal hefty damage.

Anyway, once the can explodes, a cutscene plays, marking the completion of this boss fight.