It Takes Two The Garden Walkthrough

In this It Takes Two The Garden walkthrough, we will take you through the entirety of the Garden chapter in It Takes Two, solving all the puzzles along the way!

It Takes Two The Garden

Let’s start with May and Cody’s abilities. At the start of the Garden, Cody’s abilities will include shooting a vine whip and transforming into different plants available in the game. On the other hand, May will have water cannons and a sickle to perform some gardening with. May can also water the soil while Cody can ground pound the soil.

Cactus Transformation

One of the plants Cody can transform into is Cactus. In this transformation, Cody’s main weapon is needles which he shoots from its cactus transformation and also reloads the needles like a gun.

But you will not be able to see this ammunition. Even if you don’t use this transformation for fighting enemies, you can use the vine and May can use the sickle to get rid of the enemies.

You will first find some strange wooden creatures; some of them will be flying and Cody can take them out. To kill the ones with shield, Cody has to hold their shield and May has to strike them when they’re defenseless.

Vine Transformation

After the first transformation, the second puzzle will make Cody transform into a vine. In this form, Cody has to grow leaves so that May can use them as a platform. They have to throw water into the blue plants and watch out for the purple sludge.

You have to follow the same principle in the Burrower boss battle. You have to grab them with Cody’s vine and May has to attack them with her sickle. When you are dealing with many enemies, you have to take out the minions first and after that, fight with Burrow.

Once you have defeated Burrow, you have to go to the bug spa to get the Bug Sized Relaxation achievement. You will find a sign which will point towards the bug spa.

Spider Mounts

Now it’s the time when May and Cody have to use spiders as the mounts and with them, you can even go upside down. Here you will get face to face with purple goo and May have to spray it with water so that Cody can progress forward.

After that, you have to get down from the spiders to enter the combat section. Now you will find yourself in the burrows after sliding down.

Patch of Grass Transformation

Now you are in the combat area. Here you have to go in stealth for passing through sleeping moles and for that, Cody has to transform into the patch of grass. After that, May has to move on the patch of grass to reduce noise.

You can also check the noise from the meter in the center of the screen. After all that, you still have to run away from them and they will chase you. It will have a funny end if you jump from the middle gap when they are coming towards you and they will crash into one another.

Frog Bubbles

After that, you will reach a pond where you have to jump around using the frog bubbles. In this, you have to jump on platforms and lily pads to avoid the purple goo and moving forward.

May has to leave the frog for throwing water into the sprouts for raising the platform so the Cody can jump without any hesitation. Leave the frogs behind once you find the Snail Race mini-game.

Now it’s the time for another transformation which is mushroom. Cody has to transform into the mushroom so that May can jump and water the blue plants, which will raise the three platforms for Cody. You can only water one at a time, so you have to coordinate with one another.

Heavy Combat

Now you have to prepare yourself for the heavy combat at the greenhouse, which is missing for some time. But you have been involved in a lot of battles till now, so it is not something new to you. You need to be fully prepared.

In this, May has to remove the purple goo so the soil gets visible. Cody has to ground pound it and create a bed of flowers by moving around. After that, enemies will continue to come and you have to repeat this once on the ground and two times on the table.

How to beat Joy

Now it’s the time for the final boss fight of the Garden in It Takes two; Joy. Joy is corrupted by infection and is Cody’s prized plant. In this battle, the funny thing is that Cody will be transformed into different plants by Joy throughout the fight. But Cody can attack enemies in all transformations.

After a while, poisonous plants will come out of the ground and will be surrounded by the purple sap. Now it’s May’s turn to wash these away using her water cannon so that Cody can beat these plants by dashing into them. May has to work closely with Cody to clear that area.

Fertile Soil

Once you are done with the boss battle, you will be given access to the fertile soil. May has to water that area and Cody can ground pound the area for taking control of Joy. Now Cody can bring the corrupted parts of Joy near May so that she can hit them with the sickle by just tapping the button.

She will attack you with the giant purple plants, so better be watchful. You can use the shadow to know when to dodge and when to attack.

After that, there will be two more stages, but they will be the same as before. Cody will transform into a lemon. You have to use the same techniques for beating Joy and bringing her back to the normal state.

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