It Takes Two Bull Boss Guide

In this It Takes Two Bull Boss Guide, we will be taking you through both of the Bull Boss Fights in EA’s newest Co-op game, It Takes Two. We will be giving you a detailed strategy on how to swiftly beat The Bull during both of your encounters.

It Takes Two Bull Boss

You will be fighting The Bull twice. And both of these encounters require a somewhat similar strategy of Bait and Switch.

We will be going into detail for both of the boss fights.

Boiler Room Fight
Once the fight starts, Cody and May will be stuck in a boiler room with an enraged bull. The Bull will take a second to charge its attack and then charge at you.

Notice the 4 chains in each corner of the room. You need to bait the Bull in attacking you while standing in front of each Chain.

As the bull charges, get out of its way, and it will crash right into the Chain.

Upon crashing, the Bull will be knocked out for a few seconds. You can attack it a few times during this period.

The Chain will break but be careful of the falling debris. The debris will damage the Bull as well.

One of you needs to fend off the smaller enemies while the other baits the Bull into attacking all 4 chains.

Keep doing this until all 4 chains have been broken. The trap in the center of the room will open up. You need to bait the Bull, so it falls inside the trap.

The Bull will grab the ledge with its arms. Attack the arms, so the Bull falls inside the boiler.

Bull Boss Clock Tower
This boss fight is slightly more annoying as it requires precise coordination between Cody and May.

The Bull in the clock tower is much more aggressive than the one in the boiler room. To deal with him, Cody needs to use his time manipulation powers, and May needs to use her clones.

There is a round marker on the ground. As Cody, you need to rewind time so that a switch appears on the marker. Now, you need to step on the switch to reveal a red statue that is kept on a fragile pedestal.

You need to make the bull charge at the statue to stun and damage it. The trick here is to use May’s clones for this task.

Once you activate the switch, May needs to place her clone anywhere in the room and then stand at the marker.

The Bull will charge at her, and she needs to teleport to her clone at the very last moment. If it’s too early, the Bull steers clear of the pedestal. If it’s too late, the Bull will hit May.

When done with perfect timing, the Bull will hit the pedestal, making it weaker. Once the Bull hits it twice, the pedestal will break, and the statue will fall.

Cody needs to rewind the statue and switch to their original position, so May can use the Bait and Switch tactic one more time to defeat the Bull.

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