It Seems Rumors Might Be True, PS5 is Coming Sooner Than Expected

A recent rumor suggested that PS5 will be announced in early 2019. Now, Sony itself has expressed the growing need for PS5. This is the first time Sony has clearly mentioned a next-generation console. This indicates that the rumors may hold some weight, Sony could be prepping us for an announcement.

If we are to speculate, Sony making an announcement this year means an E3 2019 reveal for PS5. Analysts have predicted Sony’s move to next-gen by 2021 and while that seems likely, Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett could force Sony’s hand. Microsoft is reportedly gearing up to share its next-gen plans by the end of the year.

Microsoft struggled with Xbox One and Xbox One X so Xbox at least, it seems like the right now to start fresh. Phil Spencer is currently in Japan to speak with Japanese developers for first-party content. Many games are in development for Xbox at Japanese studios. Microsoft acquired a number of western studios as well.

The entire change of direction, the focus on first-party games, is to lay the groundwork for Xbox Scarlett. On Sony’s side, most developers might have access to PS5 hardware. Games take years to develop and Sony’s first-party lineup at launch day has always been strong.

Some of the names rumored to be in development for PS5 are Death Stranding, The Last of Us 2, Days Gone, next Spiderman, next God of War, and many more. Apart from games, Sony’s focus would be on demanded features such as backward compatibility and crossplay between PS5 and other platforms.

Speaking of demanded features, PSN name change is dropping sometime later this year. Of course, the feature would be part of PS5’s PlayStation Network from the get-go.

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