Islands of Nyne Tweaks Guide – Best Settings, FPS Boost, PC Tweaks

In a competitive shooter, your settings are almost as important as your gameplay. Good settings can be the difference between you winning and losing a battle and in a game like Islands of Nyne, a single battle lost means the end of your match. For that reason, you will need this Islands of Nyne Tweaks Guide.

Our Islands of Nyne Tweaks Guide will help you figure out the best possible settings for your game so that you can be more effective in combat.

Islands of Nyne Tweaks Guide

The first thing that you need to do is to disable the dynamic crosshair component for both the hip fire and the aim down sight. The crosshair does absolutely nothing and only tends to limit the amount of environment that you can see. Moreover, it is so thick that it can shield an entire enemy behind it at medium range.

Only enable the static crosshair and set its size to somewhere between 15-30%. This will ensure that you can have maximum awareness and use the crosshair to aim as well. While we are on the gameplay settings, it is also good if you remove both of the Depth of Field options, as all they do is blur the game at certain distances.

Best Settings for Video

This is the area where you need to turn everything to the lowest possible that you can. In a competitive game, it is far more important for you to have decent frames per second than it is for you to have pretty graphics. Even if you are able to get 60 FPS, remember that there is a massive difference between 60 and 100 FPS and the more FPS you can have, the better it will be for you.

Another reason for turning everything to the lowest possible is that you will be able to see better. Having high-quality foliage can be great to look at but it also allows the enemy to hide much more easily in the bushes. Since you will need to scout enemies from afar, it is imperative that you try to have the lowest possible settings for most of the options that you are given.

However, the resolution and the FOV are something that are down to personal preference. Having a high resolution will help with your visibility of the map but it can be strenuous on your graphics card and your processor.

The FOV will give you more visibility if it is higher but it can make you lose focus from the center of your screen where most of the enemies will be coming from if you have a good awareness of their position.

The texture detail setting is another place that gives you a little bit of leeway. If you have a graphics card with 4 GB or more VRAM, then it should be okay for you to use medium or even high texture settings without a significant loss in performance.

Lastly, the one detail that you want to leave at the max possible is the view distance, since you need to be able to see farther ahead in an arena of this size. This is also taxing on your processor so try to find the perfect balance between FPS and utility.

Going beyond High view distance will not really have that much of an advantage since you will not really be looking that far ahead and you definitely will not be able to kill someone at that range.

That is all we have for our Islands of Nyne Tweaks Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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