Island Map Launches for Halo 4’s Forge Mode

The free addition to Halo 4′s forge mode, Forge Island, is now available to download, weeks ahead of the expected release date.

343 Studios announced the Forge Island map at their PAX East panel just last week with a close release date of April 11. Well, they seem to have broken that launch date since you can go and download the map right now and begin editing it in Forge mode.

We’re not sure if the early release is intentional or not as it’s yet to be added to the Halo 4 hub, but if you search for the map itself on Xbox Live Marketplace then you can find it. You can also download it remotely through the XBLM marketplace.

The Forge Island map is something that players have been asking Bungie and 343 Studios for ever since Halo 3; flat, expansive land. A true playground for the players to build on in Forge mode.

Well, Forge Island is pretty much exactly that. It’s  just flat-topped islands as seen in the picture above. There’s absolutely nothing between them but the depths of the ocean below, so you can build between them however you might like and can build upon them in whatever style catches your fancy. It’s a true playground for anyone who enjoys Forge mode.

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