Is Sony Taking A Cut Of The Earnings From Mercy’s Overwatch Charity Skin?

If you’ve been playing Overwatch the past few days, you might have noticed that Mercy has a new Overwatch charity skin, a pink one for the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. However, Sony is apparently being accused of taking cuts of the donations from the total, more than what is normal.

In the Playstation Store, the skin is priced at 12.99, however only 10.12 of that will be given to Blizzard Entertainment, which has done other charity sales in the past. While that’s likely because Sony always gets a cut of the profits for everything that’s bought on their store, the situation brings back memories of the charity DLC for Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

When Michael Forgey, an employee at Monolith Software, died and left a family behind, Warner Bros and Monolith created a DLC pack that would add an orc known as Forthog Orc-Slayer to the game. However, controversy erupted when it was revealed that Monolith and Warner Bros were taking a percentage of the profits while the rest went to Forgey’s family.

The situation is likely the same between Sony and Blizzard and the Overwatch charity skin, but either way taking twenty percent off of something that’s supposed to be a charity donation is definitely crossing a line in the eyes of a number of gamers. Blizzard, thankfully, is giving 100% of its part of the profits to charity, but everything’s still a bit fuzzy right now.

Hopefully this is all some sort of misunderstanding and Sony will also give all of its earnings from this sale to charity, but we won’t really know about that unless the company actually releases a statement about them matching the total donation or something like that.

Either way, if you want to pick up the Overwatch charity skin for Mercy yourself, log onto Overwatch (whatever console you have it on) and pick it up! It’s for a good cause.