Is Sony Acquiring a New Gaming Studio for PlayStation 5?

Recently, a lot of rumors and speculations have surfaced about PlayStation 5. Now, Tidux, the famous industry insider has something interesting to share with us. According to him, Sony Interactive Entertainment is going to acquire a new gaming studio soon for its line of exclusive games for PlayStation 5.

Here is what Tidux tweeted:

Well, this is obviously a rumor for now as nothing has been said officially yet and Tidux hasn’t been correct 100% about his predictions in the past. Although such tweets do not project a clear enough image of upcoming stuff, they do stir a lot of spice on social media platforms, with the possibility of spreading just an ambiguous gossip.

Sony’s PlayStation has had a cutting edge over Microsoft’s Xbox console this generation, since they were able to provide a wider range of exclusives to their customers. A studio being acquired would add up to perks of owning a PlayStation.

Sony has already claimed that they are bring PlayStation 5 only exclusives. Obviously, this strategy would mean that they need to increase their first party Studios if they want the players to be happy about their lineup. Exclusive games seems to be the only trump card Sony seems to have to sell PlayStation 5 as it worked perfectly for the PlayStation 4.

Even if the negotiations with the new studio are underway right now, we wouldn’t know for sure until the acquisition is complete. Since acquisitions can take time, we may have to wait for the announcement until the official reveal of PlayStation 5 which is rumored to be in February.

Contributor at SegmentNext.