Is Rockstar Planning To Announce The GTA 6 Release Date?

The Grand Theft Auto series is without a doubt the pinnacle of sand-box action-adventure games. A GTA 6 release date announcement may be coming up according to an image that was discovered recently on the Rockstar Games homepage.

It has been seven years since Grand Theft Auto V came out. The game expanded upon the Grand Theft Auto sandbox formula with a bigger open-world environment and engaging main characters. Even since the release of the game, fans have been wondering when GTA 6 will hit the shelves. Rockstar has done a good job by keeping players busy in the meantime with Red Dead Redemption 2.

A Twitter user by the name of Spider-Vice was the one who pointed our attention to the Rockstar Games homepage. He came across an image that seemed a little different than the ones that other Rockstar titles have.

This picture doesn’t have the western touch that R2D2 images have and neither does it resemble an image from GTA V. The image shows a golden robotic female holding an “R” symbol which refers to the Rockstar brand.

You may not be able to view the image on the webpage as it appears randomly. This gave rise to the conjecture that Rockstar is preparing for some kind of announcement. While it may just be a promotional image, many believe that the picture has something to do with a new game. All fingers point towards Rockstar planning to announce the GTA 6 release date.

Following that, some people caught that a video was recently added on the Rockstar Games Youtube channel as a private video. Some speculate that it could be the announcement material for an upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto 6. Others claim that it will be a video relating to the GTA Online update. At this point, we can merely hypothesize as these claims aren’t anything official.

We have also had rumors that suggest that Rockstar Games will go back to familiar locations for GTA 6. Trademarks for Los Santos and San Andreas have recently been filed which further suggests that something big is coming up. Hopefully, we get to see some sort of official announcement from Rockstar Games in 2020 regarding GTA 6.