Rumor: Microsoft Interested in Buying AMD, What Then?

Rumor has it that Microsoft may be looking to buy AMD as a way to use the company to research a faster chip for their games consoles.

In the war of the consoles, it is almost conclusive that Sony are this generations victors with the Playstation 4 (for the time being atleast). While the two companies are planning to keep their current consoles around for a long time an eye still has to be aimed at the future. Microsoft may have some plans when it comes to what chips their console may use.

In an interesting rumor from a “source” kitguru make some interesting observations around Microsoft’s interest in AMD. With the failure of Xbox One in the processing power stakes, it is obvious that Microsoft need to refocus, and AMD do have the power to provide that.

So what is Microsoft’s interest in the company? The answer is to buy them and use them to create the chips for future use. What impact would this have on Sony? Well that would mean that every time it sells a Playstation 4 money would also be going to Microsoft through AMD.

This gets interesting when you think that Sony may not like this situation and look for another company to power their next console. That could be a disastrous move for the company if they chose wrong.

This is all speculation of course, based on information from a “source” but it is interesting that Microsoft could not only afford to buy AMD, but that it would have such an impact on the console wars. As this is the most profitable side of business for Microsoft and Sony this would make things very interested indeed.

As Sony and Microsoft have not given comment on the new story then whatever truth is behind this is all pure rumor at this point. While there is some sense in Microsoft needing a new road for a more powerful console than the Xbox One, it may be a smart move.


What are your thoughts on rumors of Microsoft potentially acquiring AMD, would this be a good move for the company? Let us know below.

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