Is League of Legacy: Supremacy Riot Games’ Answer to Hearthstone?

It looks like Riot Games may be moving into the card games and may be taking on Blizzard’s popular Hearthstone. Filing a new trademark League of Legends: Supremacy, it may be a questionnaire that has hinted as to what the company’s intentions are.

Today not only reported the new trademark registered by Riot Games, but also reported on an interesting questionnaire sent out by Tencent Games, who recently acquired Riot Games. What may give away Riot Games’ true intentions is for people who state in the questionnaire if they have played Hearthstone.

Once they select this they are given a selection of questions that include “Have you played League of Legends?”, “What’s the operating system of your mobile phone?”, and most importantly “Tencent Games will hold a special event to give players a chance to test a brand-new title next week. Would you like to join this test?”

What this suggests is that League of Legends, which is a game that can be played via the Internet and mobile devices is this brand-new title. The fact that it is connected to Hearthstone via the questionnaire also insinuates that this will be a card based game. We’ll have to wait for the beta to see what comes of this.

Card based games like Hearthstone are popular right now, but with the likes of Elder Scrolls Legends also on the way can a new League of Legends game like this make an impact? With League having such a huge following the answer may be yes.

If League of Legends: Supremacy is a card game, will this interest you? Let us know your thoughts below.

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