Is Epic Games Store Exclusivity The Reason Why World War Z Is Dropping In Twitch Viewership?

World War Z — the third-person zombie shooter game by Saber Interactive — has seen a massive drop in Twitch viewership since its launch 2 days ago. The game peaked at 133,000 concurrent viewers and then plummeted down, losing almost 80% of its audience within two days.

Although the viewership drop can be linked to various factors such as the game’s quality or how streamers are playing it, there is one major factor that may have attributed to the loss. Just months away from launch, Saber Interactive’s World War Z received quite the backlash from the gaming community on account of it changing its launch client from Steam to Epic Games Store. The game that was previously listed as on Steam became an Epic Games Exclusive out of nowhere.

Valve’s Steam has dominated the game distribution landscape on PC for almost a decade now. When Epic’s Game Store came into the scene, many expected it to be a savior of sorts from Steam’s monopoly. But just after a short amount of time, players quickly noticed how lacking Epic’s Game Launcher is in terms of features.

That’s not all, Epic quickly sought out exclusives for its game store. We all remember when it Deep Silver and Epic announced Metro Exodus’ would be sold exclusively on the Epic Game Store instead of Steam. It was met with a ton of backlash from disappointed users who had already pre-ordered the game on Valve’s platform.

Players have quite the distaste for Epic Games policies. It is very likely that World War Z being an Epic Games exclusive might have something to do with the sudden drop in Twitch viewership.

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