Iron Throne: Kingdoms Beginners Guide – Alliance, Events, Upgrades, Heroes, Leaders (Tips And Tricks)

Iron Throne: Kingdoms is just one of the few games that require you to manage almost everything at once. Pretty much everything from building to managing your army and tending to your townsfolk. This will be incredibly hard to do, therefore, you will need this Iron Throne: Kingdoms Beginners Guide.

Our Iron Throne: Kingdoms Beginners Guide will tell you some very basic Tips and Tricks that will help you get started with the game and will help you master some of the mechanics of the game.

Iron Throne: Kingdoms Beginners Guide

The first thing that you need to know is that you should complete all of the tutorials. These will set the stage for the rest of the game as you will be told of all of the basic operations.

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Apart from that, it is important that you complete all of the daily tasks as they will allow you to gain some extra rewards for you to spend. Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the other important Tips and Tricks that will ensure that your towns thrive and your armies tread onwards.

Beginners Tips and Tricks

Remember that managing your resources will be an integral part of the game. You will need to learn to maintain a healthy reserve of Food, Wood, Stone, Iron, and Silver. You need to have all of them if you plan on being a lord that is feared by his enemies.

You should not try to over-collect any resource since other players can take your redeemed resources and you will only be making yourself a bigger target for an attack when you do decide to put in too much effort into resource collection. A good tip is to upgrade your warehouse so that you can have more resources in reserve.

  • Try joining an Alliance as it will help you protect your castle and the castles of your allies
  • By joining an Alliance, you will receive many different buffs that you will be able to access as a part of an Alliance
  • It also allows you to have bonuses for Alliance check-ins among Alliance Gifts which can turn up as a nice surprise

Before you attack, it is best to upgrade your Watchtower as you will gain more information about your enemy when you scout them. Use your Watchtowers to get the scout report in the mail.

This is where your Alliance members can also join you if you find out that the opponent is stronger than you.

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Try to complete all of the events that come about to get the extra rewards that are offered to you. Not only that, you can also use those rewards to upgrade your equipment. Upgrading equipment will allow you to be much more forceful in battle as you will have access to better weaponry.

Remember that it is equally important to build both heroes and troops. Heroes can serve as great leaders and combatants but the brunt of your force will be made up by your troops. Try to manage them both together to ensure that you do not prioritize one over the other. A well-balanced army is by far the most useful!

That is all we have for our Iron Throne: Kingdoms Beginners Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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