Iron Galaxy’s New Multiplayer Game Set In An “Original Universe”

It was only a couple of weeks back when developer Iron Galaxy Studios confirmed multiple projects to be in its pipelines. Some additional details have now surfaced ahead of a potential announcement.

According to newly posted job listings from earlier today, Iron Galaxy Studios has been actively working on at least two projects. The developer has split itself into two teams where one team is “collaborating with one of our valuable partners on their AAA game franchise” while the second team is “working to create and launch a brand-new multiplayer game set in a completely original universe.”

Earlier in the month, general manager Shekhar Dhupelia stated that Iron Galaxy Studios has been working on partner projects as well as an all-new game. He teased that the new game remains in development for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and that an announcement will be made later in the year.

The discovered multiplayer game from earlier today is potentially the same all-new project which the developer has been working on. However, the mention of multiplayer should not find fans bringing up a new Killer Instinct game.

Dhupelia stated back then that while the studio loves the enthusiasm being shown by the fighting community, the only way the developer considers another installment is if an opportunity presents itself.

Iron Galaxy Studios does both original games and ports for multiple platforms. The developer ported Spyro Reignited Trilogy and Overwatch on PC and Nintendo Switch respectively for example. The developer also supported the porting of Diablo 3 and The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim on Nintendo Switch.

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