Iron Conflict Units Guide

Iron Conflict’s beta has given you only a limited amount of time to master its mechanics. So, it’s best we help you get acquainted with some of the game’s core mechanics. In this Iron Conflict Units guide, we’ll be showing you how to manage your units.

Iron Conflict Units

You’ll see that you have no units and your garage is initially empty. To get started, you’re going to want to see what the game has in store for you to choose from.

Picking Units

To acquire these units, you need to find the ‘Tech Tree’ tab at the top of your screen.

This will open up four options for you, ‘Desert,’ ‘Urban,’ ‘Mountain,’ and ‘Grassland.’ Only two of these matter as the other sub-categories are more or less empty.

You’ll be either in ‘Desert’ or ‘Urban’ factions as those are the only ones with units available currently.

Pick any of the three unit types available, and you can see in the ‘Tech Tree’ that Tier I units become available.

To unlock higher tiers, you are going to want to utilize your EXP to research the current tier you’re on and unlock all of its modules. Once done, you can research the next tier in line.

Spend some EXP on your current units to develop and enhance them. Once you’ve maxed it out, you’ll unlock the next tier for a given unit.

Buying Units
After completely researching a unit in the ‘Tech Tree’ menu, use the silver you’ve acquired to unlock the unit.

For the early access beta of Iron Conflict, players have been given a fixed number of resources to help them unlock and research units accordingly.

After purchasing a unit, it’ll appear in your garage.


You can’t rely on the base stats of your units and will later need to upgrade in order to be able to compete effectively with other players.

Upgrading modules allows you to enhance your unit’s stats. Installing them also helps to increase your research progress to unlock the next tier.

Simply open up the ‘Tech Tree,’ and you’ll get a module menu. Here, you can see all the modules you have unlocked and those that you need to unlock.

Some of these modules will need to be researched and purchased first before you can make any use of them in combat.

Each module will offer you a different variety of stats. Pick wisely according to your playstyle; I personally love to boost my movement speed to the max.

The final thing that can help improve your units’ effectiveness on the field is Ammo and Accessories.

You can access this feature by clicking on the empty boxes with a plus sign at the bottom or bullet icons.

You can find different types of ammunition (If available) for your unit here. Some units may only be able to use one type of ammo.

You’ll definitely have to spend a little extra to get a hold of some of the ‘top tier’ ammunition.

Keep in mind the storage limit for ammunitions to manage what type you want to prioritize as you move out on the field.

Click on one of the plus signs in the accessories portion. Here, you can find a number of upgrades for your respective units.

Some of these are kind of expensive, and you might want to play the game a little longer before you can afford anything worthwhile.

These passive bonuses can definitely be a game changer in providing you that extra edge against your enemy. I know that I’m absolutely loving the faster reload speed times

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