Call of Duty WW2 Artist Complains About Not Being Cited For His Work By Sledgehammer Games

Update: Those questioning if Roshani is telling the truth about his involvement in Call of Duty WW2 can check out his LinkedIn profile.

Original Story: Sledgehammer Games released Call of Duty WW2 today, a game that is the result of years of hard work of developers and artists who worked on the game. But while most of the people were properly credited for their work on this year’s Call of Duty, one senior artist was left out.

Siamak Roshani worked on Call of Duty WW2 for almost two years as a fulltime character artist. According to Roshani, upper management of Sledgehammer assured him that he’s in the top 10% of their team and plays a critical role in delivering characters on time and with excellent quality. It is unclear as to why he wasn’t credited for his work but at this point, he feels he was treated unjustly.

Call of Duty WW2

Apparently, sledgehammer games ignored to put my name in credits even though I worked on that game ( COD: WWII) as a fulltime Senior Character Artist for over 18 months and did over time, two hours extra every day for 15 months + many weekends!

I had worked on the multiplayer team and helped them to fix a lot of issues on many occasions right before the deadline was due, assisted in hiring talents, trained people, and all those good things.

I find it an absolute unjust treatment towards myself that I have not been mentioned in the game credit while I have been constantly told by upper management of Sledgehammer that I am in the top 10% of their team and play a critical role in delivering characters on time and with excellent quality.

All I demand as an artist who has put his heart and sweat on this game as a team member to be given credit when the credit is due.

I sincerely hope that Sledgehammer games does the right thing and fix this mistake.

He demands that his name is placed where it belongs, in the credits of Call of Duty WW2. His name missing from Call of Duty WW2 credits might just be a mistake but if it is not, Activision may face accusations of unjust treatment and foreign developers might think twice before working full-time with the company.

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