iPhone VoIP Application Line2 Supports Wi-Fi Internet Calls, Potential Game Changer

How many of you have suffered at the hands of poor iPhone reception at places like indoors and offices where signals are mostly poor. Most of you would agree, and yes its frustrating but, what if all that could change just by buying a one dollar application for iPhone that just changes the way things work.

Line2 is the iPhone application in question, for as little as $1, an application that has a potential to shake the whole industry. Lets just first talk a little about few unique features of this application before we go about why the hell this application is making so much buzz.

Line2 gives your iPhone a second phone number, a second phone line, complete with its own voice mail, contact list and other basic features.  The company behind Line2 Toktumi offers unique features via this application, imagining that you would distribute your real phone number to your friends and family, while Line2 phone number will be for more business specific activities. 

It offers features like Voice mail delivered to you as email messages, do not disturb hours, call routing, and automatic attendant.
In short this gives you a second line on your iPhone as the name primarily suggests but you know this is not the best part.

The best Line2 has to offer comes in the form of reducing your reliance on AT&T reception services. Line2 works where AT&T signals are poor like indoors and offices. Line2 basically uses Wi-Fi connection in these places so using the power of internet to make all these important calls using the second line we just talked about before.

Now the best part of the best part is, Wi-Fi calls are free so you don’t have to worry about your monthly allotment of minutes in your package.

Line2 also works for iPod making it a full fledged cellphone in Wi-Fi hot spot, and you don’t owe anything to AT&T.

Amazingly enough Line2 can make internet calls even when you are not in Wi-Fi hot spot.  If you are on call and in the middle of it, you end up in Wi-Fi hot spot Line2 may automatically switch your call to reliable Wi-Fi network to improve the quality of your call and this also reduces call dropouts.

It also switches you to high quality audio clarity voice if the person calling you is Line2 subscriber just like you. Its an awesome application but one very complex one, considering there are three ways to call let alone other features. Every feature of this application comes with its pros and cons but that’s OK, we can live with that.

Everything has a price associated with it remember ? Line2 is no different. It asks for $15 monthly subscription fee but with all the features in context, its worth paying for. Consider this a situation in which spending actually saves you a lot of money.

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