InXile’s New RPG Won’t Release Before 2024, Says Insider; Fallout-Related Project Claimed As Well

There are multiple new projects in the pipelines of inXile Entertainment which remain to be officially announced. While the Wasteland 3 developer has confirmed one of those said projects to be a “wonderful new” role-playing game in early production, rumors have pegged a second unannounced project to be related (somehow) to the Fallout franchise.

Posting on ResetEra earlier today, Microsoft insider Sponger (via Wccftech) stated that the first project is close to game director Chad Moore and will not be releasing before 2024. This is likely referencing to the game inXile Entertainment has already confirmed to be in the works and which has incidentally popped up in numerous job listings over past months as a triple-a role-playing experience with “mind-blowing visuals” running on Unreal Engine 5.

However, another project in the works at inXile Entertainment “has some relation to the events in 2020,” according to the insider. The tease is being speculated to have ties with the acquisition of Bethesda last year by Microsoft. Both Bethesda and inXile Entertainment now stand together under the Xbox Game Studios banner. That gives both studios a chance to perhaps collaborate on a new Fallout game or at least that is what fans want.

Furthermore, the insider claimed that “the team at inXile Entertainment will massively grow” in 2021 which will prove to be a “true breakthrough year” for the studio. That should not be surprising at all when accounting for the number of new job posts still lying vacant. Besides hiring though, whether something will actually be shown (or announced) in 2021 is what will make the year for fans.

In the meantime, Wasteland 3 remains as the most recent offering from inXile Entertainment. The post-apocalyptic sequel was a quarter ago to stellar reviews. The game is now available on all major platforms.

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