Invisibility Glitch Returns To Call Of Duty: Warzone, Again

Yes, the infamous invisibility glitch has once again returned to haunt players in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Like before, something is causing players to become invisible either intentionally or unintentionally. There are already several clips online (via TheGamer) to show how players have been dueling with invisible enemies, which can be a complete nightmare since even their gunfire becomes invisible. Hence, players have nothing else to do than fire blindly into the air and wish that they manage a hit.

The invisibility glitch also appears to be widespread and not limited to a specific mode or instance. While the Call of Duty community somehow managed to discover what was actually triggering most of the returning glitches in the past, the root cause behind this latest round of invisible enemies remains to be confirmed. For the sake of argument, players are more inclined to believe that some line of code deep within the game files is causing enemies to disappear and which gets activated with patches or updates.

To note, Warzone has been facing other kinds of invisible enemies as well. Roze was introduced as part of the fourth season last year. Her Rook skin bundle clads the character in complete black from head to toe without any colored or reflective textures, which potentially makes her difficult to spot in darkened or shadowy areas of the map. Roze, hence, has been a favorite pick for players as she actually provides a little advantage especially when running across dark-colored backgrounds to make it difficult for enemies to trace their crosshairs.

As for the actual invisibility glitch, it remains to be verified if that is just not a newly surfaced cheat. Warzone has been suffering from cheaters since the day it was released and the cheating situation has only gone from bad to worse.

A couple of weeks back, Google searches were discovered to be actually advertising paid Warzone cheats which is just an insult to injury.

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