Into the Breach Pilots Guide

With the help of our Into the Breach Pilots Guide, you’ll be able to learn how to unlock all 14 pilots, understand their special abilities, choose the one.

With the help of our Into the Breach Pilots Guide, you’ll be able to learn how to unlock all 14 pilots, understand their special abilities, and choose the one that complements your playstyle.

At the very start of your journey, you’ll have automatic access to a pilot named Ralph Karlsson. As for others, you’ll have to unlock them first. This guide will teach you how.

Into the Breach Pilots

Each and every pilot in Into the Breach comes with a special ability, which makes them what they are… special. As a general rule of thumb, you should experiment with different pilots and stick to the one that complements your unique playstyle. Since pilots can make or break the game, it’s paramount that you pay extra attention when it comes to choosing them.

In the following section of the guide, I’ve discussed a couple of methods that you can use in order to unlock pilots in Into the Breach. I’ve also provided a neat, little cheat at the end that you can use in order to unlock all available squads and pilots from the get-go.

How To Unlock Pilots?

The first and ideal way of unlocking new pilots is by keeping your ears and eyes open for pod crashes near you. During the course of the game, you’ll continue to learn about pod crashes, promoting you to investigate them. What you essentially need to do is to protect these pods from harm and land on them to check their bearings.

Alternatively, you can simply progress through the game as you see fit and you’ll eventually have enough Corporate Reputation to acquire new upgrades, etc. Do bear in mind that pursuing optional objectives and no-error runs will net you increased amount of Corporate Reputation.


Time Traveler

If you’ve been reading the guide from the start, you’ll know that I said 14 pilots at the beginning. This is because you’re free to take The Last Traveler with you. Having additional perks and XP, The Last Traveler is just a better version of your pilot from the previous run. In this section of our Into the Breach Pilots Guide, I’ve detailed all the pilots and their special abilities.


Pilots Specials
Ralph Karlsson Unlocked by default, this pilot provides +2 additional XP from kills
Silica With this pilot, if you don’t touch the mech, you get the ability to shoot twice in a row but it requires +2 Power
Camila Vera This pilot negates the effects of webbing, smoke, and is also capable of engaging smoke tiles
Chen Rong This pilot is capable of moving one tile after an engagement
Lily Reed This pilot boasts +3 range during the first turn of every engagement
Harold Schmidt This pilot is capable of pushing hostiles during repairs
Gana This pilot can be placed on any tile during the Deployment Phase but requires +1 Power
Isaac Jones This pilot acquires an additional Reset Turn during every engagement
Archimedes This pilot is capable of moving immediately after attacking but requires +1 Power
Henry Kwan This pilot’s mech has the ability to avoid unit collision
Bethany Jones This pilot’s mech initiates with a shield
Abe Isamu This pilot can be acquired through Pods by completing islands 100%.
Prospero This pilot can be acquired by completing islands or from the Time Pods.

Secret Pilots
During the Strange Object mission, a certain ice tile will be discoverable. If you take it, a special time pod will fall from the sky. Recover the special time pod or protect it until battle ends to rescue a secret pilot. Kazaaakpleth, Mafan and Ariadne are Secret unlockable pilots.

Cyborg Pilots
Cyborg pilots become available after unlocking the Secret Squads by completing all Achievements. You can unlock one of the three cyborg pilots

How To Unlock All Pilots And Squads?

In order to automatically unlock all pilots and squads, you need to head to the following directory:

c:\users\UserName\Documents\My Games\Into the Breach

Once there, you need to open the folder with your profile name and edit ‘profile.lua’ using Notepad++. You should be able to download and install Notepad++ pretty easily. Once you’ve opened it up, you need to copy/paste the following commands in line #9 and line #11 respectively:

[“squads”] = {true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, },

[“pilots”] = {“Pilot_Original”, “Pilot_Soldier”, “Pilot_Youth”, “Pilot_Warrior”, “Pilot_Aquatic”, “Pilot_Medic”, “Pilot_Hotshot”, “Pilot_Genius”, “Pilot_Miner”, “Pilot_Recycler”, “Pilot_Assassin”, “Pilot_Leader”, “Pilot_Repairman”, “Pilot_Mantis”, “Pilot_Rock”, “Pilot_Zoltan”, },

Now simply save and close the file, start the game, and you should be able to see all the pilots and squads unlocked for you.

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