Into the Breach Environmental Interactions Guide

This Into the Breach Environmental Interactions Guide will highlight some of the unpredictable environmental hazards and the interactions in the game. The game, as you guys already know, requires some tactics and strategies on the player’s part to be put in. To aid with the process, we have compiled and listed down all the interactions possible in Into the Breach.

Into the Breach Environmental Interactions

Some core concepts at the heart of the system of the game include interactions with the environment and how it affects your progression. Using the ‘Repairing’ tool, you can easily remove any adverse effects of ice, fire and acid.

Alternatively, you can avoid encountering fire, ice or acid by using shields. Note, however, these will not eliminate the effects of these adversaries since they will remain.

Fire can deal damage to earthmovers and terraformers. It can also melt water tiles that you are able to observe in levels. However, trains are immune to fire damage. Moreover, Reinfield bombs and buildings don’t take fire damage either.

Ice can put out fire on units and tiles, and freeze water tiles into solid frozen ice tiles. Additionally, ice can be very useful in freezing trains and even the satellites to stop them from launching. Freezing interrupts enemy attacks and frozen units will not be able to fly.

Acid will put out fire on tiles but not on units. Acid weapons can acidify titles and projectile attacks will pierce through shields and armor.

Enemies affected by acid will turn water tiles acidic by falling into them. They will also leave puddles of acid behind upon death.

Smoke will interrupt any enemy attacks. Satellites won’t be able to launch but trains are unaffected. Smoke can also be used to extinguish tiles and units on fire.

Squads and Weapons

You can choose which Squads to lead into battle. Different squads come up with totally different arsenal of weapons and mechanical bots. Some squads along with their most useful equipment are noted down below. Squads are written in bold letters while equipment are written in italic.

Heading into the battlefield with ‘Rusty Hunks’, you can fire Rocket Artillery to create smoke. However, tiles behind your weapon cannot catch smoke.

The Zenith Guard squad will come equipped with an Attraction Pulse which will do 1 point of damage to adjacent enemy. Blitzkrieg squad will allow you to use Electric Whip which after upgrading it will chain through and damage buildings.

Steel Judoka’s Vice Fist works only if the tile behind you isn’t blocked. Flame Behemoths specialize in Flame Throwers which don’t damage buildings but can push away the furthest tile after upgrade.

Frozen Titans use Spartan Shield can block fire, ice and acid as discussed above. However, this is completely useless against bosses like the Firefly leader and the Scorpion leader.

Hazardous Mechs can make use of Hydraulic Legs but, beware, leaping into acid will double the damage you normally take from it. Additionally, Viscera Nanobots can regenerate your health.


Some of the enemies will have weaknesses which can be exploited for successful results. Shell Scion’s passive (purple) is eliminated by acid. Centipede splitters’ projectile attacks damage the end of the tile of the map.

Killing the Soldier Scion (green) causes all enemies to lose 1 HP. Burrowers are quick to put out the fire from themselves and they’re especially strong against the Flame Behemoths.


For Gana, if a red psion is out, deployment damage you do to other units will be healed in the initial Vek turn. Regarding Isaac, having a high grid defense allows you to carry out attacks that cause collateral on the building grid and hope for resists, then use the resets if you cause damage. Others can use this technique as well but Isaac does it the best!

This is all we have in our Into the Breach Environmental Interactions Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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