Into the Breach Distant Friends Achievement Guide

This Into the Breach Distant Friends Guide is for acquiring the ‘Distant Friends’ achievement in Into the Breach. Therefore, for all those glory hunters who cannot be more patient, here is the procedure for getting that accomplishment.

Into the Breach Distant Friends Achievement

What you’re looking here for is a glowing yellow beacon inside a mountain pre-damaged or otherwise.

This is achievable by looking for mountains in any level, zone or area of the game. Pay special attention to mountains with cracks, and both ice and water mountains can hold that beacon inside.

Mountains are really hard to break especially at a high difficulty level therefore, we recommend setting the game difficulty to ‘Easy’ since it becomes easier to demolish these mountains.

Yes, that is what your next step should be: destroying the mountains. For this purpose, use Mechs with lots of firepower and damage output.

Mechs with AOE damage for e.g. Mirror Mech can hit two mountains at the same time and Siege Mech are one of the best Mechs for dealing damage all around the square.

These two can be pretty useful if compared to Science types/Flame Leviathans (that don’t deal direct damage). Important Note: mountains will show that yellow glow after cracking or encountering a 1 damage.

Once the mountain has been destroyed, you can move a mech over to the location of the beacon.

This will trigger a special FTL (Faster than light, previous game by the same developer) which will arrive at your location. Open this pod and there you go: the ‘Distant Friends’ achievement pops up.

As of recent, players have discovered the other way of getting the achievement. These yellow beacons are also observed to be hidden under the ice tiles of the Ice (Pinnacle) zone. See for yourself (it’s the cracked ice tile with a yellow glow at the center)

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