Into the Breach Combat Guide

The main goal of this Into the Breach Combat Guide is to give you an overview of the combat system of Into the Breach. When it comes to combat in the game, there are different aspects that you must keep in mind or you will be wiped from the map. There are other ways of defeat then simply losing your Mech Units. We have detailed all this and more below.

Into the Breach is a difficult game if you do not know how to use the combat system of the game effectively. It is unlike any turn-based strategy game we have seen below so we have here a combat mechanics guide for you so that you understand all the combats basics of the game easily.

Into the Breach Combat

Below you will find some basic and some advanced mechanics of the combat system of Into the Breach. You can use these tactics to your benefit anytime during the battle for annihilating the Vek from the battle.

Protect the Buildings

Buildings on the map are vital for your mission. Each building provides you with an energy bar in your power grid. When Vek succeed in destroying a building, one of the bars will drop. If they continue destroying the buildings and your power grid is zero, the mission will fail even if you Mechs are still standing.

To counter this, you must focus on defending these buildings at all costs. There are different methods explained below which can be used to destroy the attacking Vek or simply manipulating the battlefield to make Vek attacks useless or rendering the enemies useless. You must ensure that buildings are safe all the time.

If the buildings fall, the battle will end quickly for you and Veks will win as easy fight. Position your Mechs in such a way that all buildings are easily within their range if you need to send a Mech unit quickly for a building’s defense.

Push Vek Away

Certain Mechs can push Veks away one or more tiles. This is an important mechanic for moving Veks away from buildings or other weaker Mech units.

You can also use this mechanics to push them into special event tiles where they will die instantly. If you want to place certain enemies in certain places if you want to exploit a certain weakness, pushing will help.

Pushing them away can also delay their attacks as they will have to move back in place before making the same attack move again thus giving you time to think of a counter of bringing the Mech with the right attack near the Vek unit. This great tactical element must be used to your benefit.

Another benefit of pushing Veks away is that you can push you out of their attack range, meaning their attacks won’t even be able to reach you. This is a necessary thing to do when the enemies outnumber your team.

You can even push these Veks into mountains or other Veks. This won’t deal much damage, but it doing this can help you out if you’re in a sticky situation.

Block Spawning Points

Throughout the battle, more Vek units will spawn from the ground. The spawn points are visible with a crack and a red arrow pointing upward.

You can use the push ability to move enemy units over them to block the Vek units from deploying. This will also damage the Vek units during the time they are on the spawn location for 1 point of damage.

Alternatively, you can also move you own Mechs over these locations to stop more Vek units from entering the battlefield or block the existing Veks’ movement paths.

This will damage your own Mechs instead. This is a good tactic to delay more Vek from entering the battlefield and making the mission difficult for you.

This is not recommended for longer periods as delaying this will eventually lead to tougher later waves when more Vek will spawn from the ground at the same time.

Block the spawning points for 1 or 2 turns and then leave them or remove the Vek units from them to let more Vek enter eventually once the numbers are reduced on the battlefield.

Look for Chosen Move’s Effects

Each move or specifically attacks will show you potential effects of that specific move. Mostly will have splash damage or will push enemy units in certain directions. You must keep these effects in check as you might end up damaging nearby friendly units and buildings.

If you push a Vek unit inside a friendly building, the building will sustain damage that you do not want.

Different arrows at the landing spot will show you all the possible effects of the move if selected. Always look for these to avoid damaging buildings and other friendly units.

Yellow arrows represent the direction in which the enemy or friendly unit will be pushed to and the numbers that show up in yellow will show the amount of damage that will be dealt to the enemy.

If the direction arrow and the damage number show at the same time, it will mean that the unit will be pushed in that specific direction while inflicting that specific amount of damage.

Use Random Events

The most effective way of killing a Vek unit is by using the random event tiles. When a tile is in yellow color, it means a random event will take place on these tiles. To make them most effective, you must push the enemy Vek in these yellow tiles. Pushing them in these yellow tiles will take them out in one hit.

To know the cause of the random event, you can check the upper right corner of the screen where a special event will be listed displaying the real reason of the random event. Any unit that lands on these special tiles will be killed instantly. This is another great method of eliminating the Vek quickly and without much hassle.

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