Into the Breach Beginners Guide

To help understand the basic elements of the game, we have created this Into the Breach Beginners Guide, which will help you, get to know different elements of the game and fill you in on all the things that you need to keep in mind while starting the game.

In this game, you must control a team of Mechs to defend the cities from an invading alien force called Vek.

Into the Breach Beginners Guide

If you are new to the game, we recommend that you go through these Into the Breach tips and tricks to cover up the ground about mechanics quickly. However, if you are already a good player of the game, these tips will help you get even better at the game.

Unlock All Mechs

Mechs are your Basic Units in Into the Breach. You will be commanding different types of Mechs during the battles. Each Mech belongs to a specific type of category and come with unique Active and Passive Abilities. These abilities are of great help and will help you change the tide of the battle in certain situations.

Make sure to analyze how the mechs in your mech team can complement each other and synergize their abilities.

However, you must keep this thing in mind that a single Mech unit cannot help you in all situations. There will come situations where one Mech unit will fail while another type of Mech unit will breeze through it. For this purpose, you must unlock all Mech units as soon as possible.

There are eight categories of Mechs and each come with further three units each specializing in one major aspect.

At the start of the game, you will have only one type of Mech units unlocked. You must ensure that you unlock the remaining Mech categories as soon as possible so that you can use different Mechs for countering different situations. It also allows you to exploit different weakness of the Vek, the invading aliens.

After you progress a bit through the game and get comfortable with all the mechanics, it’s time for you to complete the achievements on your Rift Walker mech team. Completing these achievements will net you coins which can be used to unlock brand new mech teams.

For a beginner, the Zenith Guard is the best new mech team to unlock as it’s relatively straight forward, as compared to the rest of the mech teams.

Instead of Killing All the Enemies, Get the Timer to Run Out

This is very simple yet extremely important tip. Instead of trying to win the game by just killing all the enemies, try to put them on hold until the timer runs out. You basically just have to waste the time.

Doing this is infinitely easier than trying to kill all the enemies

Keep the Buildings Safe

The buildings around the battle map are vital for your survival. They provide you with power and constitute your grid. The game does very little to explain this aspect of the battle but each time one of the buildings on the map is destroyed, you will lose one bar on your power grid. You can consider this as your life.

If the Vek succeed in destroying all the buildings on the map, your bars will also become zero and thus the game will be over for you even if your Mechs are still standing.

You must keep an eye open for all buildings. Keep the Vek away from your buildings. Upgrade your siege units so that they do not damage friendly buildings with their fire.

In short, you must protect all the buildings on the map, as they will provide you with power that allow you to control your Mech units around the battlefield.

Each level will have its own unique power grid. It also retains through to the next level. Your Mech Health will reset before every battle but your Power Grid level will remain the same.

Hence, if you’re in a situation where you have to choose between a building taking damage or a mech, always go for the mech.

Hence, it is vital that you try to keep as many buildings safe as possible because if your Power Grid becomes zero, you cannot continue to play the game.

Complete All Objectives

In each battle, you will receive a certain amount of objectives to complete. Not all of them will be required for the mission success as they will be optional.

However, we recommend that you try to complete as many objectives as possible in each battle. Completing each objective will grant you with a bonus and more objectives you complete more bonuses you get.

You can get different types of bonuses from completing these objectives such as bonus reactor cores, energy bars for your power grid and more.

As you advance in the game, these objectives will become harder and harder but you will also acquire more Mech units so they will be not much of a problem to complete.

Always try to complete as many objectives as possible to earn major bonuses. You can also earn bonus reputation from these objectives. Reputation is not easy to earn so do not waste any easy means of earning it such as these objectives.

Use the Enemy against Itself

If you do not know this already but they enemy units can damage each other if they are in the attack’s radius. You must try to exploit this as much as you can.

Some of your Mechs have the ability of moving enemy units around so if you see an enemy unit making a blast radius attack, move as many enemies near it so that they are damaged as well.

Enemies not only damage each other but they can also block the way of more enemy units and prevent them from spawning.

This tactic is very helpful in later stages where you do not have a lot extra firepower to damage multiple units at a single time.

When a Vek unit blocks another Vek from spawning, it will receive damage until the time it moves away from that location.

It all depends on you how you use this tactic during battles. We recommend that you master this tactic as early as possible because this comes handy even in early stages.

However, you must keep this in mind that you must not block too many enemies. They will eventually spawn later and make the end waves too hard to defeat.

If you are using your own Mech or an enemy Mech to block a spawn point, do not block for more than 1 or 2 turn turns at max to keep the balance in the later waves.

Look at Each Enemy’s Move Before Doing Anything

Instead of just glancing at the enemies’ positions and hastily performing an action, hover your cursor over each enemy unit and hold the CTRL button to see what their plans are.

This may sound like a tedious task, but doing it is crucial if you want to become very good at this game.

If you’re in a situation where you’re not sure what to do, move first instead of attacking. Your turn ends when your mech attacks but it’s still active if you just move.

You’re allowed to move and see what happens, then undo your move.

Use ‘Rewind’ Efficiently

Into The Breach comes with a time travel mechanic, which allows you to rewind some of your turns so that you can try to rectify a poor move.

This is only allowed once during a battle so you can use it to rectify a bad move. However, do not rely on this too much. Try to make as many smart moves as possible and minimize taking risky moves.

Use this mechanic only if you have made a move resulting in vital damage or severe loss of Mechs or a building. This can also be used to save a time pod or go for a move which will result in more XP or HP.

Choose the Right Soldier

Soldiers drive your Mechs. More hardened these soldiers are, better they will perform during the battles. Owning just good Mechs is not enough for winning in Into the Breach. You must have good soldiers as well. These better pilots will ensure that the Mechs perform to their optimum in battles.

Also at the end of each battle, you will get the option of sending one solider back through time allowing you to use them right from the start of the next battle.

Send back your best soldier from the game so that they are always with you at the start of each battle. Keep your starting Mech team of the next battle in mind before choosing your best pilot to send back in time.

Don’t Worry about Falling Mechs

During the battles, your Mechs will take damage and some will be down if their HP reaches zero. This is a part of the game and sometimes you will have to sacrifice a Mech in order to save a more valuable structure or take down a stronger Vek.

Some Mechs even have the passive ability to reboot these fallen Mechs so they are back in the battle without any problems. Therefore, if your Mechs are taking too much damage or falling down during battles do not worry too much. Make sure that the pilots are safe though, replacing a dead pilot is not easy.

Use your Reputation

The reputation you earn during a battle can be used to purchase different item, which benefit you in the battles. However, when you complete an island, your reputation is reset when you advance to the next island. Always use your reputation while you are at an island. Keeping it safe and not using it will do you no good.

Always use this reputation and we recommend that you buy as many things with it as possible before leaving the island because if you leave an island with some reputation left, it will be lost.

Utilize Your Positioning

When you first boot up Into the Breach and start playing, you may think that running-and-gunning is how this game is supposed to be played. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

A crucial element to the game is your positioning. Positioning and shoving go hand in hand in the battle field. The Rift Walkers, the two mechs you get at the start, can shove enemies around and the power punch of the Prime can shove targets a single space away from you.

Furthermore, the artillery gunner can be used to shove an enemy up to four units away from where they were.

Positioning and shoving properly enables you to completely shove a strong alien away from a city. It can even allow you to block an underground Vek from spawning on the subsequent turn.

Once you master positioning, the game will become quite a lot easier for you.

Make Use Of Your Reactor Cores

Reactor Cores allow you to upgrade your mechs, which improves their power, movement range and other abilities/stats. The more cores you get the better.

If you use reactor cores on a mech, you’re free to redistribute them on that mech however you like. Try to fiddle around with this until you get the right stats.

Always Save the Time Pods and Pilots

As you’re playing through the game, some Time Pods will crash down on the map periodically. Remember to ALWAYS save these Time Pods.

These Time Pods hold super important upgrades for your team. The contain reactor cores and pilots which can help you out a lot in the game.

When a match ends, Into the Breach allows you to save a pilot. This pilot will keep all their skills so you’ll start the next game with this high level pilot.

When choosing a pilot, select the one which best compliments your mech team.

Keep Farming Energy

Even if the grid is full, keep on acquiring energy. Doing so will decreases the chances of your energy being lost on a hit. Do note that it decreases that percent chance very slowly, so you should spend the energy on useful upgrades before you farm it.

This concludes our Into the Breach Beginners Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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