The Internet Reacts to Project Scorpio’s Name, Xbox One X

Microsoft has officially confirmed the name of Project Scorpio as Xbox One X. The console is coming out later this year on November 7. Microsoft’s press conference packed a lot of punches and overall everything looked great. The name of the console was one of the first things to be discussed and while most of were expecting something in the lines of Xbox Scorpio, Xbox One X is what we got.

The community reacted to the name and some have started to troll Microsoft while others coming up with creating jokes. Microsoft’s new console is recieved well overall by the community with the issue being their shady “exclusives” marketing.

Here are some of the reactions we were able to gather from the community.

Microsoft’s new Xbox is releasing for $499.99 later this year. What do you think of its name? But what’s in the name, right? Still, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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