Intel Xeon Gold 6138P With Integrated Arria 10 FPGA Announced, Already In Mass Production

Intel has quite a diverse portfolio of CPUs ranging from desktop, mobile and server-side CPUs and now Intel has announced the Intel Xeon Gold 6138P with integrated Arria 10 FPGA.

Intel has announced that it has started mass producing the Intel Xeon Gold 6138P and has also started to ship out the CPU units to suppliers, meaning we will soon start to see these processors in the market.

This Intel Xeon Gold 6138P processor comes with “Arria 10 GX 1150” FPGA and features I/O bandwidth of up to 160Gbps per slot.

The Arria 10 FPGA has a very low latency along with low cache coherent access due to Ultra Path Interconnect (UPI) bus that has access to independent cache and shared memory. The UPI can seamlessly access the FPGA cache, memory and more.

In related news, AMD has also announced that it has started sampling the next-gen Ryzen Threadripper that will be based on the 12nm fabrication process.

During the announcement of AMD Ryzen Pro APUs, the company revealed that it has started to sample the Ryzen Threadripper CPU which might mean that all of its partners are preparing the processor for a launch. If AMD is currently sampling it then it might mean that we will see these CPUs in the market by Q3 2018.

Speaking of Intel, the company is planning to get into the GPU market as it is already working on a discrete GPU of its own and a report has made its way on the internet suggesting that Intel discrete GPU will be unveiled at CES 2019.

According to the report, Intel has completed the first phase of the development of its discrete GPUs and are now preparing for a big reveal and launch of the Intel Discrete GPU.

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Source: PC.Watch.Impress

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