Intel Skylake-X CPUs With Higher Core-count Not A Response To AMD Threadripper According To Intel’s Frank Soqui

Ever since Intel announced the Intel Skylake-X CPUs with more than 10 cores, the company has been getting a lot of criticism. People have said that the company does not know what it is doing and that the Intel Skylake-X CPUs are a response to AMD Threadripper CPUs. It seemed that Intel had to announce something after the announcement of Threadripper and that is what Intel did.

Take into consideration the fact that we have not seen major increases in core counts before the announcement of Threadripper. Also, take into account that before AMD Ryzen showed up we only got marginal upgrades year after year from Intel. If all this is not fishy then I do not know what is. It is clear that Intel Skylake-X is a knee jerk reaction to Threadripper.

To get some insight from the competition we asked AMD whether they thought Intel Skylake-X was a response to AMD Threadripper and the following is what AMD’s James Prior had to say:

Industry pundits certainly seem to agree that the new branding and lineup – especially pricing – is in response to AMDs Ryzen and Ryzen Threadripper products. We are very pleased to see the industry assert that Ryzen is a disruptive, market-changing product that is beneficial to gamers and creators around the globe.

If you are interested in checking out the whole interview then you can read more here. AMD had some interesting things to say about the memory support as well the as origin of the name “Threadripper” so that could be something that might interest you. It seems that Intel does not agree with this and Intel claims that Skylake-X was the plan from the start.

According to Intel’s Frank Soqui:

We were always planning that sort of trajectory and there’s a reason why we do that. Have we explained mega-tasking to you?

Both AMD and Intel have been very vocal about the importance of increased core counts but who is following who? AMD is the underdog here and I think it is safe to say that AMD has taken Intel by surprise and has done something that we did not expect. It all comes down to the pricing of the Threadripper CPUs. Soqui further went on to say:

Independent of what our competitors do we will put out extreme edition processors, We’ll push performance, we’ll push threads, we’ll push cores, we’re pushing memory performance. This is not a response to the competition, this is a response to the end user.

Let us know what you think about Intel Skylake-X CPUs and whether or not you think have been announced to take on Threadripper.

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