Intel Pentium G4560 Shortage Due To Mining Boom According To Intel

We recently talked about the Intel Pentium G4560 and how it was very close to the performance of the i3 CPUs because like the i3 CPUs the Intel Pentium G4560 has 2 cores and 2 threads. This is the first time that a Pentium series CPU has got hyperthreading and the massive attention that that Intel Pentium G4560 is getting was bound to happen.

We talked about how people are buying the Intel Pentium G4560 and that it is affecting the sales of the i3 that is more expensive and offers roughly the same performance. The Intel Pentium G4560 is great value for money and there is no surprise that the CPU is out of stock at many hardware retailers. Rumors claimed that Intel was behind this.

Sources claimed that Intel is limiting the production of the Pentium G4560 so that i3 sales are not affected. Intel has talked about the rumor and claims that the shortage is not due to a production limit but due to the mining boom. This could make sense as mining does not need high-end CPUs and the Pentium G4560 is such great value for money.

So what you can take away from all this is that not only is mining having an effect on the GPU market but on the CPU market as well. At least that is what Intel wants us to believe. There is no news regarding the production of the Pentium G4560 and when we can expect to see new unit hit the shelves. The demand for the CPU is very high indeed.

There have been reports that GPU shipments will be coming in about 3 months. Besides that, if you are interested in learning about the power consumption of mining then you can click here.

Let us know what you think about this shortage and whether or not you have been affected.

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