Intel Kaby Lake Series Price and Specifications leaked, 7700K, 7700T

It is interesting to see that when AMD Ryzen has been announced the Intel Kaby Lake series has been leaked over the internet. Here we have the leaked pricing and specifications for the i5 and i7 CPUs of the Intel Kaby Lake series. Here we can see the pricing and the specs of the mid to high-end models of the Intel Kaby Lake series. All that is left to see is the entry level models of the next generation of Intel CPUs.

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We have seen the power and performance of the AMD Ryzen chip and according to Dr. Lisa Su things will only be getting better at the official release of the chip. We will have to see the final performance output at launch as engineers are still tweaking the chip as we speak.

Intel Kaby Lake

As AMD gears up to launch the AMD Ryzen desktop processor in early Q1 2017, Intel has finalised the launch plans for their desktop Kaby Lake processors, and the accompanying 200 Series chipsets. Although Intel has been extremely secretive, we managed to obtain the specifications and launch details of the desktop Kaby Lake processors, and the 200 Series chipsets. Check it out!

How Intel is going to take this threat is something we have yet to see. Previously Intel has said that AMD Zen would not be a big problem but now it seems that Intel will have to think again about what they said and how they are going to deal with this concern. What do you think about the upcoming Intel Kaby Lake series.?

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