Intel’s Insistence On Integrating x86 Is The Reason Why It Is Lagging Behind Competition

AMD Ryzen has been giving Intel a Run of its money with its competitive prices and overall better performance. However, that is not the only reason why Intel has been lagging behind AMD as the company’s own persistence on integrating the x86 has done a lot of damage to the company.

This is according to Tech analyst Ben Thompson who noted that in a recent analysis that Intel is hell-bent on integrating the x86 in its CPUs which is one of the biggest reasons why the company is in trouble.

He further noted that a decline in the overall sales of the PC chips has caused the company to be reliant on the sale of high-end chips to data centers and in the process the company totally ignored the mobile market, which itself is growing rapidly.

Intel intends to bring its 10 nm chips with its next-gen Cascade Lake CPUs with the help of Chipzilla.

While GlobalFoundries’ 7 nm is not that much better compared to Chipzilla’s 10 nm but Chipzilla doesn’t have the capacity to ship according to market’s demand. On that other hand, the 7 nm production is very close to market demand.

The reason why Intel’s 10 nm is nowhere close to being shipped according to market demand is the integration of the x86.

Speaking of Intel, seems like the company is destined to make one mistake after another as reportedly the upcoming Z390 Chipset is just a renamed Z370 chipset.

Not only that, the report reveals that Z390 Chipset won’t be based on 14 nm as promised but will maintain the 22 nm from Z370 Chipset. This means that the Z390 Chipset motherboards won’t feature native support for USB 3.1 Gen 2 among other features.

What do you think? Is x86 really the reason why Intel is lagging behind AMD? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Stratechery

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