Intel Ice Lake Confirmed To Succeed Coffee Lake From Official Intel Website

We have heard about the Intel Ice Lake CPUs but there is little that we know about them and it was rumored to be more of a codename than a brand. Now there has been an update on the official Intel website and it confirms that Intel Ice Lake will be the successor of the Intel Coffee Lake CPUs.

This means that the 9th generation of CPUs will be based on Ice Lake architecture. The chips will be made on the 10nm+ process. This is great news considering the that Intel will be unveiling the upcoming 8th generation of CPUs on the 21st August.

The 8th generation Coffee Lake CPUs are an important milestone as this will be the first time that Intel will be introducing 6 core CPUs in the mainstream. Although this is not something new and we have seen 6 core CPUs in the enthusiast lineup but never before in the mainstream series of CPUs.

What this means is that you could buy a 6 core CPU and install it on a $80 motherboard. This is something that you could not do when buying an enthusiast CPU. While exact specs are unclear, it seems that there will be no hyperthreading for the i5 series but the i7 CPUs will feature hyperthreading. 6 cores and 6 threads could be a great combination.
Intel Ice Lake

As we are getting more cores and threads thanks to AMD Ryzen series of CPUs, it is possible that game developers will optimize their games in order to take advantage of the additional cores. We have seen the advantage of additional cores in games like The Ris of the Tomb Raider as well as Crisis 3 and there is a lot of potential there.

Let us know what you think about Intel Ice Lake CPUs and whether or not these CPUs will offer a significant boost in performance as compared to Coffee Lake.

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