Negative Intel i9 1080p Benchmarks Have Been Omitted Claims AMD’s Don Woligroski

Reviews regarding the Intel Core i9-7900X are in and you can check them out if you are interested in finding out how well the 10 core 20 thread CPU performs. Overall it seems that enthusiasts are pretty happy with what they are getting but this might have gotten AMD a bit jelly. AMD’s Don Woligroski accused Intel of asking reviewers to omit Intel i9 1080p benchmarks that Intel does not like.

Woligroski voiced his concerns on Twitter and he was burned by many Intel supporters that asked for proof. Yes, when you make such a bold claim you need to have some kind of proof to back up your claim. Taking so much heat Woligroski changed his Twitter description to “Views and opinions I express are my own, not an official statement from my employer, AMD.”

This is very odd behavior indeed and one can argue that taking such things to social media is not something that you would expect from the marketing manager of AMD. This was his personal account and we are waiting to see what AMD has to say about this incident and Intel has also been silent about this as well. We will need to hear from both companies.

Someone even posted AMD’s review guidelines as a response to this tweet and you can check them out below.

Intel i9 1080p Benchmarks

This makes little sense, this CPU is not for gaming and even if you did want to game on it, chances are that you have something like dual GTX 1080s in SLI or something crazy like that. So why would you even try and play games at 1080 with that kind of power? Woligroski might have taken things to far. Intel and AMD might be at each other’s throats but this is a bad business practice.

I do not think that Intel would even think about asking reviewers to hide negative Intel i9 1080p Benchmarks. If that was the case then someone would have come up by now and said something about it. People like Linus, from Linus Tech Tips, are very touchy about such things and I do not think Intel wants to pick a fight with these people.

Let us know what you think about this claim regarding Intel i9 1080p benchmarks and whether or not you are going to buy Intel i9 or wait for AMD Threadripper.

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