Report: Intel Discrete GPU To Be Unveiled At CES 2019

Intel has been working on its Discrete GPU for quite some time with Raja Kadouri and Chris Hook and it seems that Intel discrete GPU might be unveiled at CES 2019 if the report is to be believed.

The report comes from TweakTown, who claims that sources of theirs have revealed to them that Intel has completed the first phase of the development of its discrete GPUs and are now preparing for a big reveal and launch of the Intel Discrete GPU.

According to the report, Intel will be making a big announcement later this year which will be followed by the full reveal of Intel discrete GPU in January 2019.

Seems like Intel intends to give competition to Nvidia and AMD or could possibly be looking to cash in the blockchain computing and AI craze. However, this might result in some good things for the consumer in the end as we all know the competition will drive the GPU prices a little lower.

Another indication that Intel might soon be revealing its discrete GPU sf the launch of “Launch Ready Drivers” from Intel. The driver in question brings support for improved HDR, Vulkan 1.1 along with graphical fixes for a bunch of games.

Speaking of Intel, the company has discontinued the Kaby Lake-X CPUs just 11 months after they were announced.

These processors were specifically designed and marketed to PC enthusiasts but, the market’s response wasn’t very great and the sales were also low and that is Intel has decided to move Intel Kaby Lake-X CPUs to EOL status.

Furthermore, Intel has enabled the use of GPU to detect threats and viruses with Intel Threat Detection tech and Intel has also introduced Intel Security Essentials that standardizes security features across Intel processors.

What do you expect for Intel’s discrete GPUs? Will Intel be able to compete with Nvidia and AMD in the GPU market? Let us know in the comments.

Surce: TweakTown

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