Intel Coffee Lake Processor Shortage Expected at Launch

Intel Coffee Lake processors are just some days away from release, on October 5th marking the next generation for Intel CPUs. While their release is much awaited by the PC hardware enthusiasts, some news came today that may dim the lights on their launch. As it seems the Intel Coffee Lake Processor quantities will not be as much as expected when they release making it possibly hard to get one on their first days.

The Intel Coffee Lake processors’ release was rushed by the company to get an October launch date while sources were giving it a Q1 2018 launch date. This probably happened as a move to counter AMD’s newly launched Ryzen and Threadripper CPUs and win back a portion of the CPU market.

As stated today by the Swedish hardware website, Sweclockers, this lack of Intel Coffee Lake Processor quantities will happen in October and November, giving us a bit more stable market for Intel in December. The best time for you to grab an 8th gen Intel Coffee Lake Processor though will probably be in the first quarter of 2018.

As mentioned yesterday, the new Intel Coffee Lake Processors will feature some changes in their pin configuration so that they are able to provide proper power delivery, especially for the 6 core CPUs. With that in mind if you want to grab an 8th gen Intel processor you will probably have to get a new motherboard as well. As we stated earlier if you decide to go forward with this upgrade you will be limited to Z370 motherboards until next year as the mid-range and entry-level motherboards will not be available before 2018.

So given the quantity shortage in Intel Coffee Lake Processors and the fact that the best motherboards to match them will be available with the start of 2018 it may be best to wait until you decide to give your PC a total “renovation”.

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