Intel Coffee Lake i7-8700K VS i5-8600K 3DMark FireStrike Benchmark Comparison

The Intel Coffee Lake will be announced next month and with the addition of extra cores, I can imagine that people are interested in upgrading. Here we have a 3DMark FireStrike benchmark comparison between the Intel Coffee Lake i7-8700K and the i5-8600K. The interesting thing is that both have 6 cores.

The difference is in the clock speeds and Hyper Threading. While the Intel Coffee Lake i7-8700K does feature Hyperthreading the i5-8600K does not. The silver lining here is that both CPUs are K series SKUs and come with unlocked multipliers. This means that you can overclock the CPUs and get more performance for the money that you have paid.

With the addition of 2 cores, the i5-8600K is great value for money if you are a gamer and also do a bit of content creation. If you have a gaming YouTube channel then this is something worth looking into for sure. The additional cores will also improve your streaming quality.

While there may not be many games that take advantage of the additional cores it is always nice to have them available for occasional use like light photo and video editing as well as multitasking. You can check out the performance numbers for the Intel Coffee Lake i7-8700K and the i5-8600K below:

Intel Coffee Lake i7-8700K i5-8600K

You can see from the numbers that the Intel Coffee Lake i7-8700K has an upper hand when compared to the i5-8600K that is due to Hyperthreading as well as the fact that the Intel Coffee Lake i7-8700K has a 100 MHz higher base clock. All this gets you additional performance. At the end of the day, a lot will come down to price to performance.

If you thought that you would get the additional cores and threads at the same price as previous CPUs then you were wrong. It seems that prices will be higher and you can check out the details here. You can check out more details regarding the benchmarks here.

Let us know what you think about the Intel Coffee Lake i7-8700K and the i5-8600K and which CPU you would go with.

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