Upcoming Intel Cascade Lake Architecture Supports Up To 224 Physical Cores For A Single System

With AMD Ryzen 2000 CPUs and APUs giving Intel a run for its money as Ryzen CPUs are relatively better than Intel’s in terms of overall performance and benchmarks and seems like Intel is about to roll out its Intel Cascade Lake rival for AMD’s EPYC that supports up to 224 physical cores for a single system.

This is according to a leak from VideoCardz, who claims that an anonymous source of theirs has provided them with two slides from an Intel ‘Saudi Conference” revealing the upcoming Intel Cascade Lake architecture that will rival the AMD EPYC CPU.

According to the leak, Intel Cascade Lake architecture will feature 28 Cores on a single chip which is way low compared to AMD EPYC which features 64 cores on a single chip.

However, Intel is seemingly preparing to counter AMD EPYC by offering dual, quad and even octa-socket support for the upcoming Intel Cascade Lake which will bring a maximum of 224 physical cores on a single system.

Furthermore, the upcoming Cascade Lake architecture also supports 6-channel DDR4 RAM per CPU and 48 PCI-E lanes.

Speaking of Intel, reportedly Intel will reveal its Discrete GPUs at CES 2019. According to the report, Intel has completed the first phase of the development of its discrete GPUs and are now preparing for a big reveal and launch of the Intel Discrete GPU.

Reportedly, Intel will be making a big announcement later this year which will be followed by the full reveal of Intel discrete GPU in January 2019.

Furthermore, Intel has also discontinued the Kaby Lake-X CPUs just 11 months after they were announced. These processors were specifically designed and marketed to PC enthusiasts but, the market’s response wasn’t very great and the sales were also low.

What do you think of the upcoming Cascade Lake Architecture to rival AMD EPYC? Let us know in the comments.

Source: VideoCardz

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