Instead of Days Gone 2, Sony Gives a Dynamic Theme to Fans

Sony for some reason hasn’t abandoned Days Gone, apparently, even though Days Gone 2 won’t be coming. For today only, Sony is allowing fans of the game to download a Days Gone 2 theme that shows the Old Sawmill location from the game. You can download it on the Playstation Store with a code.

Days Gone was an open-world post-apocalyptic adventure game that came out in 2019, but apparently wasn’t the smash hit that Sony was hoping for. While the game sold well, its middling reviews killed its chances of getting a sequel.

That being said, it doesn’t appear that Days Gone is quite gone just yet. Along with the dynamic theme, the game was also recently announced to be getting a PC port, following in the path of Guerrilla Games’s Horizon: Zero Dawn, which got a PC port last year. Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Bend Studio, however, has already moved on to another game coming in the future.

The Days Gone theme consists of a still photo of the game’s sawmill area, which will periodically change with a new time of year, such as a normal, clear day to being snowed on, and possibly more than that beyond the preview that the Twitter post gave us.

While it may be cold comfort to people who were hoping for the game’s cliffhanger ending to be resolved, you can at least proclaim your love for an underrated gem by getting the theme yourself and putting it on your Dashboard.

To acquire the dynamic Days Gone theme, you have to enter one of the five different comes for it in the Playstation Store, all of which you can find on the Twitter post advertising it by following this link.
Otherwise, the game’s PC version will be coming out on May 18, so if you missed it but still want to play it, or want to experience it with the power of a gaming PC, now’s a good time.