How to Install Rift (PC) in Linux Ubuntu with Winetricks

You don’t feel like moving to Windows for playing the game, aren’t you ? OK! you can play your favorite game on your beloved OS, Linux via Winetricks.

Following guide is for Installing “RIFT” on Ubuntu 10.10 using Winetricks V1.3. It may or may not work on previous versions.

Rift – Linux Installation Guide Using Winetricks

  1. First uninstall any previous Wine and Rift installs.
  2. Make sure you delete your .wine folder in your Linux home folder. Any previous installs may interfere with successfully playing the game.
  3. Download and Install Winetricks V1.3.
  4. Run Winetricks V1.3 and enter the following commands into the terminal window one by one.
    1. sh winetricks d3dx9
    2. sh winetricks vcrun2008
  5. After You’ve entered the commands a log will appear in the terminal window confirming the installation of the commands.
  6. Download the Rift Patcher and install like you would on Windows. (Note. Some of the text in the installer my not show, which is normal)
  7. Run Rift to patch and Update, once it is patched you can start the game.
  8. If the installer asks you to install DirectX, ignore it and play anyways.


  • Since the game is using DirectX,Wine is taking the DirectX permissions and converting them to OpenGL. (This brings with it a heavy FPS dip, approximately 15-20 FPS).


Q1. I’m Running Nvidia SLI and the game Crashes or I get unplayable FPS.
First Download and Install the Latest drivers and then turn SLI off. This usually would fix the problem.

Q2. The character body is completely invisible and everything is black.
Check On the login screen, click on the ‘Settings’ button and under video, go to advanced. If it’s not already checked, use ‘low graphics renderer’ then apply, quit the game Try again.

Q3. I receive “Error communicating with the patching process. (Error #1026). Last message: 0000006D” What to do?
Check you internet connection for connectivity, also The official servers could be offline for maintenance so try again at a later time.

Q4. I am playing RIFT on a laptop with on-board graphics card and the character body is completely invisible and everything is black, The low quality renderer option is grayed out under advance options.
First update your onboard graphics video driver and if this still doesn’t fix your problem then try playing on a desktop PC with a dedicated GPU.

If you face any other issue, ask us in comments and we will try to help you out.

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