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Inspired by True Events, Kholat Is Ready to Scare You on March 8 on PS4

Kholt is coming to PlayStation 4 on March 8 so it has officially shed its PC exclusivity. Kholat standout in a genre where most fail to deliver and seeing on PS4 would definitely be exciting for fans who are familiar with it.

Developed by IMGB.PRO, the game is inspired by a true event, the Dyatlov Pass incident. It is narrated by British actors, Sean Bean, and is an exploration game with brilliantly designed elements of horror and suspense. During the Dyatlov Pass Incident, nine Russian hikers died and to this day no one know what exactly happened.

There are a number of unconfirmed hypotheses, though, there is not a single concrete explanation. As the lead character of the game, it’s your job to figure things out by investigating the inhospitable Ural Mountains where it all happened.

Dyatlov Pass incident was a real story that happened in winter of 1959. Nine skilled alpinists went for a trip to the northern part of Ural Mountains, which ended fatally. Bodies of expedition’s crew were found scattered on slope of Kholat Syakhl.

Will you be able to find the answers you’re looking for? Play the game on March 8 to find out. You can see the first PS4 trailer for Kholat above.

For now, devs are only talking about the PS4 version but we do hope to see Kholat make it on Xbox One as well.

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