Insomniac Says To Not Expect Resistance 4 As Its Next Title Anytime Soon

One of Insomniac’s best known games of the last console generation was the Resistance: Fall of Man trilogy, a first-person shooter series that spanned three mainline games and a number of spinoffs for the Playstation Portable. However, Resistance 4 won’t be Insomniac’s next title, despite how much fans want it to be.

The Resistance Trilogy told the story of an alternate history for Earth, where an alien race called the Chimera bursts from the underground in technologically advanced towers, completely overrunning Russia before swarming across Europe and the rest of the world. Players took on the role of Nathan Hale for two of the three games, who survived a Chimera attack and became a special hybrid soldier.

The last game, which came out for the Playstation 3 in 2011, ended the story, with humanity managing to close a portal to the Chimeran homeworld and be able to turn the tide against the Chimera after they had achieved near-total dominance over the Earth.

The games allowed a wide variety of enemies to fight with an even wider variety of weapon while also adding in a number of different styles of gameplay, such as the games going from military first-person shooter to a more survival horror-esque feel in Resistance 3.

There’s no telling what a Resistance 4 would actually be, considering that Resistance 3 wrapped up the story nicely, but James Stevenson, Insomniac’s Community Manager, says that you should never say never, even though a Resistance 4 might end up being a long shot.

Insomniac just got off of making its Spider-Man game, so for now we might want to let the devs rest before we decide to start asking them what they’re going to be making next. Unfortunately, unless you have a Playstation 3 and copies of the games, you won’t be able to play them anymore, as they aren’t on Playstation Now.