Insomniac Games’ Next Could be an Underwater Side-Scroller

Insomniac Games is teasing a new game's reveal for tomorrow; it looks like a 2D side-scroller set underwater. Could it be related to Echo or Spyro?

While the developers of Ratchet and Clank, Sunset Overdrive and numerous others is as good at teasing things as they have ever been; it looks like their latest tease might be giving away something at least. We could be looking at an underwater side-scroller from Insomniac Games soon!

Of course this is not coming from any of the official sources, we are merely speculating based on what they have shared. Talking of, the studio decided to get the hype train going by sharing a teaser trailer for the game they are currently working on – without giving away a name.

The entirety of the 42 second long trailer shows underwater places and continues to go deeper in the sea. From the way they were showing off what could be levels, it is probable that Insomniac Games is currently working on an underwater side-scroller.


On a side note, the trailer is titled “what’s next,” which implies that we are definitely talking about a new game and we are sure we will know exactly what it is on morning of January 28.

The description of the trailer reads “dive deeper on January 28, 2016 @ 8:30 am CT;” so we are positive we’ll get a reveal tomorrow.

As far as speculations are concerned, there are a number of fans who want this to have something to do with Spyro the Dragon or Echo the Dolphin. While the later is more suited given the underwater environment, a Spyro reboot could well be in the cards seeing how Insomniac Games has already shown interest in returning to the IP, and there also was a similar underwater level in Spyro 2.

Also, despite owning the rights to the franchise, Activision has set it aside from Skylanders and chose not to work on Spyro.

What are you expecting this to be about?

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