Insomniac Games’ New Multiplayer Project Could Be A New IP; Has Melee Combat, Vehicles, Nonlinear Storylines

First-party Sony developer Insomniac Games has started work on a new multiplayer project for PlayStation 5.

Having already released Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, both of which were single-player-driven, developer Insomniac Games has started work on a new multiplayer project for PlayStation 5.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Insomniac Games made the announcement by confirming five new job openings for the “exciting” multiplayer project: creative director, systems designer, story lead, art director, and VFX artist.

While the developer has obviously shared no details, a few breadcrumbs can be picked up by the job listings themselves. For starters, the new multiplayer project will include systems for combat, navigation, progression, and economy; suggesting a role-playing environment of sorts. There will furthermore be bosses to take down and the combat itself will have a certain focus on melee mechanics.

Insomniac Games has also hinted that players will be following episodic and nonlinear storylines with both real-time and cinematic sequences. The multiplayer project will cater multiple characters, each of which has been suggested to have their own narratives that will be developed through progression.

In addition, the job listings particularly mention a goal of developing a new intellectual property for PlayStation 5 as well as developing a consistent universe and mythology for the said property.

Insomniac Games is also apparently interested in adding vehicles to its new game, which may possible be drivable owing to its multiplayer nature.

Based on the hiring spree, it would be safe to say that an official announcement will probably not be coming anytime soon. Whatever the developer has been cooking up behind closed doors will require a lot more time before it is in a position to be shared with the public.

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