Insomniac Games Apparent Misogyny Exposed In Ex-Employee Tell-All

Even though Insomniac Games has been ruling the Playstation 4 recently with Spider-Man and a new Ratchet and Clank coming for the Playstation 5, like many game developers, the company has internal issues. One ex-employee brought these issues to light today, talking about Insomniac Games misogyny and how it affected her.

Sophie Brennan had worked for Insomniac Games for four years before quitting due to that work culture, which she went deeply into in a Twitter thread speaking about just a few experiences that the company had done during her tenure there, ranging from sexual harassment to favoritism like some other studios. Her experiences were confirmed by another, male, Insomniac employee.

These included the studio’s main Human Resources recruiter sexually harassing and propositioning her, and who had only been fired after the MeToo movement of August 2019 a year after dating an intern. However, Brennan also makes it clear there were still many good people at the studio and awesome people often got promoted.

However, at the same time, she often had a carrot dangled in front of her while constantly being passed over for promotion. Insomniac Games misogyny also stuck around as by the time she left the studio three other sexual harassers were still working (though only one is now and only because the studio did not pursue a sexual harassment claim, in itself a symptom).

While she didn’t given an exact number in the Twitter thread, Brennan did say that the number of women harmed by Insomniac’s actions were in the double digits, and the company throttled the careers of female developers by forcing them to resign while the studio protected sexual predators.

This all comes in spite of a supposed “open honesty” culture at Insomniac, which when actually used by Brennan and other female employees the Human Resource abuser had harassed had resulted in one of them being forced to quit while Brennan handed in her resignation of her own accord the next day.

In a day and age where women are still having to fight for workplace equality, and as more toxic cultures in game development come to light such as Riot Games or Quantic Dream, Insomniac is only one of multiple studios that must step up and kick this sort of filth out.