A New Game By Insomniac Might Get Announced Next Week

While the fans are head over heels for the recently released Spiderman PS4 and it could be a little time before fans actually come out of the superhero phase. However, there just might be more good news for them. It seems to be that a new game by Insomniac, might get announced next week.

Now first and foremost is a disclaimer that this news comes straight in a form of a rumor, so approach to this with caution. Having said that as the fans of Spiderman PS4 may already know that there is a Twitter-like social media on Peter’s phone.

Through which he is able to keep track of the ongoing situation in the city, as well as what the citizens of the city think of him. Now a screenshot has recently surfaced, which seems to highlight a new game by Insomniac getting announced sometime next week.

This could have been taken lightly if not for the fact that this came directly, from Ted Price. As you may know that Ted Price is the founder and the CEO, of Insomniac Games.

A user by the ID, “igTedPrice” tweeted in the game saying,

Hey did you hear that insomniacgames is announcing a new game next week?

Now the ID “igTedPrice” has been confirmed to be the original id of the CEO, which gives birth to this rumor in the discussion that a new game by Insomniac, is probably on its way towards announcement.

Now since this is just a mere speculation based on a rumor which comes from within a game, so all it has the capacity to go wrong but since it was the CEO himself who referred to it, there just might be a few green flags as well.

Let’s hope that it turns out to be the case and we get a new game by Insomniac because, with the recently released Spiderman PS4, things are looking really good for the company.

It seems to be that this Spiderman game is among the highest rated Spiderman title to date, which is pretty remarkable. Apart from that even for Sony it pretty much already was, even before the release, Sony was very much confident about it. In fact, Sony added that it just might be their biggest game ever.

So if you are already playing the game and need any guidance regarding game quests, perhaps some challenges or any other aspect, then all are at your disposal.